Yates_Mill_at_Yates_Mill_Pond_Park_banner_sepia.jpegOnce upon a time a long, long while ago, a millpond stored a body of water that was used to turn the great stones in a grist mill to grind grains of corn, wheat, or barley into meal or flour that fed the community. Once upon a time a long while ago, David Marchuck Barbour, the founder, creative director and owner of Millpond Ink LLC, saw those ponds as he grew up in his boyhood home of Connecticut. It isn’t surprising then, that this very, very, very small, independent publishing company, with its strong sense of heritage and history, was named with a millpond theme: “Where the Millpond Ink flows — turning thought and ideas into fine print.”

Of God: Thy Kingdom Come! is the latest release of Millpond Ink, LLC. daves book bleeded

This book of daily musings; written by David Marchuck Barbour, is released on-line for the building up and instruction of God’s saints, but most importantly for the glorification of the Lord Jesus Christ, who accomplished the will of His Father by becoming God in the flesh and submitting Himself unto death that all men might be saved. To that end, may we all humble ourselves before Him, and say, “Thy Kingdom Come!” (All rights reserved, Millpond Ink, LLC., copy 2016.)

Ambient, an anthology of poems, short stories and miscellany is for those adults that enjoy prose, and who, by reading this little book, might find themselves looking into their own periphery. Ambient, published on July 26, 2013, is now for sale on Amazon and Squareup, https://squareup.com/market/millpond-ink-llc

All proceeds from the sale of Ambient are used to fund the cost of our ministry in the outreach of the Gospel and to provide wholesome family literature. We deeply appreciate those who have taken the step of faith and wanted to learn a little Ambient 2_Cover_Halfmore about the author through his poetry and short stories. Ambient, which was written before and published just shortly after the author read D. Martyn Lloyd Jones’ commentary on the Book of Ephesians, provides an insightful look into his world shortly before coming to realize the wonderful and astonishing grace of God.




Cover artwork: Mr. Brian Lyle Bemisdarfer, Artist Extraordinaire, Des Moines, Iowa

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In 2013, “The Gang of Twenty and Six” by David Marchuck Barbour received 2nd place in the Children’s Picture Books category from the Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA)! This recognition is both well-deserved and a real honor for first-time author, David Barbour, as well as the illustrator, Brian Bemisdarfer, an award-winning artist in his own right.